Cafe Perron

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It was a hot HOT( trust me when I say this) HOT day in Culiacan, Mexico. I was stranded (ok not really) but quite lost all while looking for this GORGEOUS coffee shop. It has been one year but seriously feels like it was just yesterday that I was lost with my fam in search of Mechicano, the coffee shop I heard so much about(ok and was kind of obsessed with for a while).

I want to say we got lost for a good 15 minutes before finding this place. I was hangry(happens often) and hot but super determined to find the place! Yup, definitely a coffee addict. Dowtown Culiacan is seriously so gorgeous so the walk was not too bad. The streets are just so picture perfectly cute. Humidity, not so cute though, especially with a face full of makeup. Anyways, I want to say a good 15-20 minutes of searching later we arrived. FINALLY.

From the moment I walked in I fell in love with the place. It was so adroable. I immediately fell in love with the art and the setup. As you can see from the pictures it is full of art. It just felt so homie, like I just wanted to take my laptop, sip my iced coffee(because I don’t do hot) and stay there for Days. Of course that did not happen but I ended up going everyday for the next week. I guess you can say I went a little overboard. It reminded me of preservation coffee house. For those of you who are local and have gone to it. It had those feels. Young talents art, coffee, books, and just filled with coffee enthusiasts.

I was wearing all white because Culiacan is too hot!!! My uniform the entire two weeks we stayed there were onesies and shorts, or anything/ shorts.

From the blue walls to the coffee, I fell in love with this place. Of course #selfrida was my favorite art piece!! I seriously can not wait to go back to my beloved Culiacan to go to this coffee shop!! Hands down my fav. The best part about it, is that part of the proceeds went back into helping the city. Those are my favorite kind of places. The ones that just give back! _DSC7102

So to wrap this up, #cafeperron really was!! I left my heart at Mechicano.

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My Favorite Vegan Places.

Hey beauties! Karla here. Just sitting and thinking about how darn HARD it is to be vegan in the valley. Do not get me wrong I LOVE being vegan and everything it entails but my goodness there are limited vegan options when it comes to dining out with family or friends. So for my vegan friends who live around the California central valley, you know the struggle. For those of you who are not vegan now you know too.

Growing up I truly took for granted being able to eat literally anywhere I wanted. Now I sometimes have to hunt for vegan place or simply do what I do best and just drive out of town for one. So yes, there are limited options as a vegan but there are some! Below I have compiled a list of places I have gone and yet to go!

Veggie Grill

My go to place is seriously veggie grill. I drive about one hour and a half simply to have their nachos and buffalo sticks. They are AMAZING!! First time alert, EVERYTHING is vegan. I was so skeptical when I went because some food looked to good to be vegan (their is a slight misconception of vegan food at times). My definite recommends are Vegan Nachos and their sweet potato fries. They are sooo good!! Veggie Grills are a wide known vegan chain and are located across California. You will be able to find them in big cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. I Seriously recommend you trying this at least once in your life!! The drive is worth it. Oh and one last thing before you leave is trying their Cucumber mint tea. It is truly AMAZING. So if you are a vegan enthusiast or just want a healthier alternative, I definitely recommend Veggie Grill!


Natives is located in Los Angeles near UCLA and it is actually pretty good! Their buffallo sticks and Macaroni are amazing! Being honest I’ve tried their cupcakes and am not too fond of them. I am very particular on vegan pastries however so you may think otherwise!

Vegan Donut Gelato

This is definitely not a restaurant but one of my favorites!!! Vegan donuts have always been hard for to find. When I found out this place was being built nearby I nearly freaked!! I was genuinely super excited and anxious for its opening. I tried them and seriously fell in love!!! They are soo good and taste similar to a non vega
n doughnut. My sister had them( granted they are not vegan) and they were surprised on how authentic it tasted. This is hands down my favorite go to place for a quick morning pick me up with coffee or just when I am craving something sweet. They also have vegan gelato which I have honestly yet to try but it looks amazing!! If you try it feel free to shre your thoughts!


Omg!! This has to be one of my absolute favorite from the burgers to the ice cream, they have it all. It is located on Haight street in San Francisco. I remember being super hungry and typing in vegan places near by. I was then presented with a list of choices and decided veganburg looked like the best one. My gut was definitely not wrong. I found vegan heaven. It is soo good. Everything is so fresh and there is so much to choose from!! They have an option for garlic fries! I would definitely recommend those as well as (of course) the buffalo sticks. There interior decor is an additional plus.


ZPizza is located throughout various locations but the one I have gone to is in San Francisco by where the mall is. It is so good as well. As you can see in the picture they have everything in it. You can always customize it to what ever you want added! Definitely another recommend for the city!

Another friendly vegan option that is not a wide known vegan chain:

Red Robin- Definitely the underdog for vegan food. Their vegan Boca pattie option is great. As long as you stay away from dairy products on your sandwich or the butter on the bread( I usually sub it for lettuce) you will have your self a vegan meal at Red Robin.( shocking right?)

So that is it beauties! Grab your significant other, your bestfriend, or your puppy. Plan a roadtrip, and go binge on vegan food!! Or you know, just do something that makes you happy! Also you can follow me on Instagram and Snapchat to explore more vegan places and fashion with me!!

Thanks for tuning in beauties!! There you have it, my favorite vegan places in the Central Valley and well,a bit beyond. Stay tuned for my next article! (Oh and dont forget to subscribe!)

Vegan Zucchini Spaghetti

Hey Loves! Hope you are all having an amazing week so far! To kick off midweek I decided to cook up something special (Literally). Spaghetti has always been one of my favorite dishes hands down so when I turned vegan I decided to look for a healthier alternative to spaghetti. I started off by using vegan noodles but decided this had too many carbs so I slowly have been wingng off to Zucchini Noodles.

This is one of my go to favorite dishes because it is so easy and simple to make. You truly do not need many ingredients and works great if you are on a budget.

To start off you will Need:

2 Zucchinis

Vegan cream cheese( to your liking, my favorite brand is tofutti)

Veggie Noodle Maker

1 Cup Marinara Sauce

1 Vegan Kielbasa( I used Italian but depends on your taste)

Ok so now that you know the list of ingredients you can now begin the fun.This is seriously my favorite dish and the best part about it is that it is super easy to make!

So…How Do I do it?

Using the noodle maker, make the Zucchini Noodles. After the noodles are ready just put them in the bowl and wait for the sauce to be ready.

Put the marinara sauce in a small pot and mixed in the vegan cream cheese to obtain the sauce. After the sauce is ready, Add the Kielbasa, so the finished result is the Kielbasa mixed in with the sauce.

Finally, Add the sauce to the Zucchini Noodles and mix. The end result=DELICIOUS!

This is by far one of my favorite vegan dishes and it is really convenient to make.

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Ready in: Less than 20

Commonly asked question:

I’m not vegan but where can I find it?

The answer is your local Whole Foods or Sprouts! Stores like Safeway and Raleys are also really good at having vegan options.

Hope you guys enjoyed this recipe loves! More easy and fun vegan recipes to come.

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Karla Jocellyn

Being Vegan at Starbucks

So as you may already have deciphered I am vegan. I became vegan a couple years ago and have never felt better! But do not worry this is by no means a “You suck if you are not vegan” article. If you may not have known already I , it is very much safe to say, am addicted to Starbucks. I have not been able to stray away from their drinks and teas. Many people ask me what my options are at starbucks, my answer alway is PLENTY.

Starbucks is pretty vegan friendly and are becoming more so with all their new additions! I could go on and on about my addiction but for now ill stick to basics. So to sum it all up these are my absolute favorite vegan friendly drinks (Must warn some alot cheaper than others).

  1. If you havent guessed it yet(Refer to many of my instagram stories), Strawberry Acai with Coconut Milk. Hands down my favorite drink. I usually get it in the mornings before work and it has enough caffeine to get me pumped for quite the while.
  2.  Green Tea with Almond Milk and add macha powder! This is by far one of my favorites. I love the macha taste. To make it sweeter you can add vanilla pumps. If you havent tried macha in your drink yet, its definitely a MUST!starbucks pic 1
  1. Green Tea with mango pumps. I was reffered to this drink by a trainer. Its not too sugary and just refreshing/delicious. Perfect for when you need the energy or just finished your workout but dont want all the sugar and calories!img_8132
  2. Green tea with two pumps classic. This is also a perfectly refreshing not too sugary drink!
  3. Mocha Frappuccino with Almond Milk( Extra Mocha Drizzle if you are craving something sweet). Skip out on the protein powder, whipcream and WHOILA you have yourself a vegan Mocha Frappuccino. Leave it to me to know about a super sweet Starbucks drink! This is one of my favorite but further down the list because it is super sugary. This is definitely good for cheat day!


There you have it beauties, from the top of my head these are hands down my  favorite Starbucks drinks. However, you can pretty much make anything vegan by:

A: Skipping out on dairy by substituting it with Coconut, Almond, or Soy milk.

B: Skipping out on protein powder

C: Last but definitely not least, making sure the drinks do not have a dairy base to it.

Being vegan is not as difficult as many presume. There is alot more to it. I will be sharing many vegan items throughout my journey with you guys. Stay tuned!


Karla Jocellyn


Strawberry Coconut Delight 

Wholesome, Nutrilicious ( If thats a word) and HEALTHY. The three words I would use to describe this recipe. I stumbed upon it when attempting to make Almond Milk ( which yes I failed miserably on) but thank Goodness I did because this has hands down become my favorite yogurt substitute. Its sweet due to the Coconut shreds but not too sweet, you can still taste the rawness to it. I prefer to add strawberry as the fruit of my choice but you can make this with anything you want!

You will need: 

1/2 Cup Almonds

2/3 Cup Coconut Milk

Shredded Coconut


Prep Time: 15 minutes

Ok so here is how you do it..

Leave the almonds soaking in water for at least 2 hours( the longer the better).

Once the Almonds Are ready pour them into a blender ( I used the Ninja Extractor). Pour the Coconut Milk after pouring in the almonds into the blender. Once they are both poured in there blend them together until you get a creamy ish consistency ( you will still have a rough texture, it will not get to full creaminess).

After the almonds along with the Coconut Milk are blended add the strawberries and a dash of shredded coconut. Once you have added the strawberries it will get you to the yogurty consistency wanted.

Last step: Oila, you are finished! Honestly super easy and no need to be a vegan chef or any thing to make! I am definitely no chef just a vegan looking for eating alternatives!

Let me know how you guys like the recipe!! Honestly, truly curious to know if it is enjoyed as much as I enjoy it!!

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Almond Butter Acai Bliss Smoothie



Do you ever have those mornings where you just want to stay in bed all day and feel like you need coffee to function? Yup. I have those mornings too! Sometimes, you just need that extra pick me up which most of the time for me, (as I am sure many of you) is coffee. Starting the morning off with coffee makes you feel great for a while but then you kind of crash. Don’t get me wrong coffee is and will always be my first morning love. I still have it from time to time but tend to not have it as much (disclaimer: I am not a trainer or anything related, just a vegan girl who enjoys healthy eating!). Smoothies are a GREAT coffee substitute, especially when you add an extra boost to them to make them all that more healthy!

For this smoothie, I decided to add a table spoon of Terrasoul Acai powder to a delicious blend of blueberries and Strawberries. I used organic coconut milk, it is similar to the carton coconut milk but thicker. It does differ in taste. It taste a lot more raw than the regular carton coconut milk. I added Almond Butter to make up for the protein in my shake and keep me more satisfied. The booster was definitely the Acai powder! It provides you with long lasting energy and benefits such as healthier skin, immune booster, digestion, aids in weight lost, has anti-aging effects along with other added benefits (research more at Acai powder can definitely aid in these things with consistent consumption of it. It also makes things taste super delicious!

Ok, enough with the small talk, what will I need!?


5 Strawberries(depends on how dominant you want the taste to be)

¼ Cup Blueberries

1 Table Spoon Almond Butter( or any of your choice)

½ Cup Canned Coconut Milk

½ cup regular Coconut milk

1 Table Spoon Terrasoul Acai Powder

Put the Strawberries and Blueberries into a blender (I used the single serve Ninja). Add the Canned Coconut milk to the fruit in the blender. After adding the canned milk add the regular carton coconut milk to delude the thickness (it’s delicious I promise). Add one tablespoon Almond Butter to the mix and finally the Acai Powder. Finally, blend everything together and ENJOY!

So…What’s next?

The best part of making it, is drinking it! Having a nutrient filled smoothie in the morning will curb your appetite for a sugary coffee drink. Revolutionize your diet, 2017! Stay tuned for more nutritious recipes. Meanwhile hope you are having a great day!