Summer Beach Day Essentials

Ok so let me start off by saying that I LOVE the beach. Not always fond of the slime feeling of algae on my feet, but I just love the beach. The feeling of oneness with mother nature as the waves crash upon the shoreline, thats beauty. The feeling of the soft sand between my toes and the cold of the waves crashing against my feet, pure bliss. Or just sitting there quietly, admiring the beauty God provides through mother nature. That is life. That is happiness. Going to the beach is the perfect getaway this summer, especially if you want to get away from the city and just relax. I definitely recommend, of course, not going to a main stream beach or one long enough to extend along the coast line. Pescadero beach was the perfect getaway this weekend.

It is located about 30 minutes from Half Moon Bay in Northern California. Trust me when I say it is so worth the drive.

It took us a total of about six hours to get to Pescadero, after getting lost numerous times, and driving through extremely narrow roads, we made it safe. Seriously getting lost through the nicest yet creepiest foresty looking narrow road was the prettiest but most terrifying experience of my life. Thanks Siri. We managed to laugh the entire time even though my cousin and I were pretty terrified(at least I was). Anyways, after what seemed like an eternal drive we finally arrived!

I went beach essential shopping prior to the trip(and my previous ones) and compiled some of my Beach essentials this Summer 2017. Ok so lets get to it

  1. A circular towelIMG_2906
  •  This is not only a towel, its a round one. They are so comfortable and cute! I was able to comfortably sit and eat my snacks as I watched the waves.


  • Make sure you make your quick Target( or wherever there is food really) and pick up some snacks. You will definitely thank me later(Hanger is proven folks).

3. Camera

  • Whether it be your Phone, a polaroid, or any other camera, make sure to take one. Captivating natures beauty is a surreal experience(Plus you can feel like a pro). Also, you will probably want to take some cute beach pictures! There are so many poses to choose from.

4. Sunscreen

  • Sounds like a given but please don’t forget it. Learn from my mistake. (Refer to my uneven tan pics).

5. Kombucha?IMG_2735

  • This is definitely a personal prefernce since I have been kind of coocoo for Kombucha lately. But why not?

6. Bronzer/Victoria Secret Tanning Lotion

  • Give yourself that beachy glow because why not? You are at the beach! Embrace your bronzey beauty. The Victoria secret Tan lotion gives me a nice glowy finish. Definitely a must buy!

7. Inflatable cup holder

  • Definitely not a necessity, but does come in handy. You can literally take any drink and comfortably just place it in your crab or unicorn or whatever you may choose(Purchased mine from Cotton on).

8. Extra Set of Clothes

  • Whether you are just strolling or full in go in to the ocean, always make sure you have spare clothes. You will thank yourself later.

9. Swimsuit/Shorts

  • I found the cutest shorts plus swim gear at Cotton On!!! Best part was the price! I just felt so comfortable with the outfit I chose. Above all, make sure you always feel comfortable in what you wear.

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Trousers Summer Loving

Let me start off by saying it has been super hot!! I feel like even in the AC I am still burning up. Wearing these trousers today helped me keep my cool and sanity.

So I wore this look to work. I love being comfortable at work well because who doesn’t? We have a closed toed shoe policy so at times it can be a bit challenging. Many times I just want to wear sandals because they go better with certain things. However, this was definitely not one of those moments. I’ve been in love with flowy things lately and these trousers were not the exception.

Yes I am short but OMG I just love the way they look and how comfy they are. They can make you feel chic yet as if you were wearing cool sweatpants.

I paired the trousers with my fringe loving long tee from my favorite store. They always say you always want what you can not have and I must say, I 100% agree. Bershka is my favorite store and has been since one of my trips to beloved Mexico where I stumbled upon it. From their jeans to their tees, they just have the cutest, chicness filled garments. Unfortunately for me(and everyone in the U.S.) there is no international shipping to the U.S. I am definitely waiting for the day where they decide to show us some love and change their shipping policies.

Ok so back to the tee, I love this tee. Its so comfortable and chic. The fringe makes it go from plain to boho fabulous. I am wearing all white sneakers to complement this look. I love how the striped pattern flows with the fringe on the tee. I ended it nice and smooth with a touch of white.

I am wearing a quilted pattern mini backpack from ASOS. I love the jean fabric it is made of. I became obsessed with it even more when I saw the chained wrap around style the bag has going for it. Of course it is also so easy to keep everything in a comfy backpack for afternoon rendue-vues.

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Yellow and Blue shades

From the sunny shades to the sunflowers, despite the hot weather, I’m in love with summer❤️ I know it has been 100+ degrees but I am starting to love being able to wear shorts on a daily(they’ve been part of my almost everyday wardrobe). It’s so crazy because I’m getting so used to the heat that 90 degrees feels fresh to me all of a sudden. 

So weekends are pretty much amazing. Even though this past weekend I feel like I barely got sleep because I was on the go, I definitely enjoyed it. Saturdays call for dressing up and day trips. I just love exploring and finding cool little places to shoot📸. Of course Coffee is a must! 

I literally spent the entire weekend studying for my google exam. Getting certified is definitely not as easy as I thought but totally exciting! I guess you can say I’m a little obsessed with google now. Anyways I decided to glam up and GET OUT! My absolute favorite part of the weekends are Day trips! My best friend and I went looking for a cool spot to shoot and we stumbled upon a desert area(kind of, not really). It was filled with sunflowers. The sun just bounced off the weeds and flowers. It created an overall golden vibe. True bliss. (If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m a sucker for nature). Definitely a good weekend. 

This outfit was directly from Cotton On. There is seriously sooo many cute things in that store. Above all I’m in love with the prices.👍🏽 The shorts were just so comfortable and easy to wear. I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable at all in this outfit(even though I had almost trip incidents). 

So yes. Those shoes are kind of trippy to walk in at times. I want to say I almost fell like a good 4 times in them( thank god for my soul sista for helping me!). 

I felt golden in this outfit and just with all around good vibes. I hope you beauties enjoyed the outfit!! Stay golden and never give up on your day dream. 

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“Fashion is something that comes from within you” – Ralph Lauren

More info on the look below:

Top and shorts: Cotton On

Shoes: Floggs from MJM

Choker: ASOS

Purse: ASOS

Pink Rompers and Fanny Packs. 

✨”Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.” – Anonymous ✨✨

Fanny packs are BACK! I cannot describe how comfortable they are!! I’m in love with this one particularly (from ASOS). I Felt so comfortable knowing I didn’t have to worry about loosing/forgetting/carrying my purse. Moral of this post: I’m in LOVE with my fanny pack✨

UO romper is perfect for a casual and comfy day out. The embroidery on this romper is everything💕

Definitely a chill coffee filled Sunday in my onesie and fanny.🌷


Sunnies: HM

Romper:Urban Outfitters

Fanny Pack: ASOS

Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue

Lip Color: Kylie Matte lips in pumpkin

Memorial Weekend Beach Day/Dia De Playa

A beautiful day at the beach. Seriously good vibes all around! Always make sure to do things you love, with rad people you love. That’s how you’ll truly enjoy any moment!❤️ 

From forgetting to close the gas cap, to finding a spot for pictures at the beach, a perfect day. 

Mother Nature is truly beautiful❤️🌊

Sobré todo un dia lleno de felicidad y risa. Recuerda siempre juntarté con personas que sacan Lo mejor de ti y no te draw un momento Aburrido. Definitivamente buenas vibras. 🌞#riévivéama

Madre Naturelaza es demasiado bella.🌊🌞

Shorts: H&M

One Piece: Juicy Couture

Glasses: H&M

Sombrero: Forever 21

Shoes pictures: Asos

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H&M Oufit Pick

Part of the love your vibe tribe, the simplicity of the high waisted denim shorts complements the patterns of the graphic tee and the thick starry choker.

I am wearing: 

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: H&M

Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue

Choker: ASOS

Over the shoulder purse: Express

                                            ✨ “Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence.” 💕