Part 3

Being vegan started off easier since I had already been vegetarian for two years. I quit cold turkey and just stopped eating everything with dairy(including cheese). Of course now my family thought I was even weirder.

I remember every trip to Mexico I would hear, ” you’re crazy” or “what are you going to eat now?” or “how do you survive. My personal favorite was, “if you’re vegan, how do you still have meat on your bones?”. See thats the misconception people have about veganism. Yes, there are vegans who are extremely thin(and majority of the times healthy) but there are also body building vegans, and even a vegan in the NFL(one that I know of, please enlighten me if there is more). Anyways, being vegan is challenging but has its rewards. You become more energized, better. Spiritually, my goodness is it awesome. Knowing that in no way, shape or form am I contributing to unnecessary pain feels amazing.

Hands down my favorite protein source was tofu and vegan kielbasa. However, I stopped eating it for health reasons. After researching how soy is made I deemed it not so healthy. Its not natural and contributes to breast cancer, therefore I cut soy completely out of my diet. After cutting out soy, I pretty much cut out a big protein source. I started feeling weak and honestly hangry most of the time.

I am a pretty busy person, so I never had the time to dedicate to full on vegan cooking. Honestly to you ladies and gents out there who make amazing vegan meals/pastries I have so much respect for you! Seriously takes time and talent for cooking/baking. Also takes patience!!

Ok so if you have not guessed it yet after two years of being vegan, I have decided to go back to vegetarianism. I turned almost a month ago. Honestly guys, I am the kind of person who does things when it feels right and is not afraid to stop when it no longer does not. So with that being said, I am now a vegetarian again. I do not see myself eating meat in the near by future, and I now stick to organic dairy products as well as cage free/humane eggs.

Honestly feel like I finally found my balance with my diet and it feels awesome! I love animals and still don’t condone the cruelty so I stick to my local organic stores to buy the  products. I have not drank milk yet, honestly not up for it. I have stuck to almond milk simply because I’m just so used to it and genuinely don’t crave milk from Cows. I guess you can say I am a vegetarian with some vegan habits.

The transition was fairly smooth. At first I felt a little distraught because it had been quite the while since I had animal products but am now more accustomed. Being vegan taught me so much about myself. I never thought my will was that strong. Being aroung nonvegan food every single day and passing it up made me realize alot about myself. It also taught me how misinformed some people are on the lifestyle. I saw really pushy vegans, and not pushy vegans. Personally, I believe everyone has their own conviction. At the end of the day, whatever you do, do it beacause YOU want it that way. Living your life trying to please others or live up to their expectations will not bring you the peace your soul deserves.

I definitely learned self restraint and that many people did not agree with the lifestyle I chose. They just did not understand it. Most importantly I learned how to start making my own choices concording to my beliefs despite how weird or unfeasible some people thought it was. Just do what makes you happy!

Thanks for reading on my journey to a healthier life style. Truly appreciate the support I recieved on this saga!

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Is he worth my time?

Hey beauties. It is currently super late and I am super tired but I literally can not sleep so why not write about stuff that actually matters?

So you probably have an idea of what this post will be about due to the title, and if you do not brace yourself for some real talk and girl advice.

I am currently not in a relationship and am a sole believer in finding true love. Finding the right person for you. The person who will not judge nor criticize who you are but embrace you. Also the person who will most importantly put in the TIME they may or may not have to flourish the relationship. Too many times have I encountered beautiful girls who date guys who put in no effort what so ever. Yet excuses are always made as to why he “doesn’t have time to reply” or “didn’t invite me on an actual date”, among many other sad but used excuses.

There are many versions of guys who are just not worth your time. I believe we have all encountered those guys that are( according to us) “too busy” or “maybe he lost his phone so he hasn’t text me all week” and my personal favorite “maybe he never received my text”. Harsh truth is, if a guy doesn’t reply to you, or put in the time to text you, or puts minimal time in “getting to know you”, he just doesn’t deserve your time/attention.

So lets dive in:

Ok so you really like a guy. He seems like he could be “the one”. He texts you the sweetest things and makes you feel like a princess. Sound familiar? But this guy also does not text you first and when he does the convo is not so interesting. Yet your still with the picture in your head that he could be it so you give him a try. This guy is also the one who does not ask you on a date but texts you spontaneously asking you “what are you up to?”. Yet he has not asked you out ahead of time or bothered to make plans with you. Yet for some reason you keep going with the excuse in your head that he likes you he’s just “too busy” or “maybe his phone caught on fire” or any other crazy yet possible excuse you can think of.

There is also that guy who is not so typical. He is not quite your type but is just so nice. You start getting to know him and truly like his personality. He starts off texting you but slowly diminishes his ways. You fnd yourself making excuses to text him and giving him excuses as he why just does not have time to invite you on a date or text you. On why he doesnt go through with those future plans. Being brutally honest here you tell yourself he is not your type, yet start wondering as to why he has not acted up to how you would have expected him too? Truth me ladies(from past experience), do not make excuses for the “nice” guy. Back to the same concept, if he does not put in the time he does not deserve your time! Also, most important lesson I have learned throughout the years, do not date or talk to someone if you are not 100 percent sure about it. If there is any doubt in your mind, then that person is most likely not the one. Always make sure to be sure.

So last kind of guy for the night, is the one who is looking for nothing more than a “good time.” This guy only texts you, NEVER asks you on a date( at least does not call it that) typically will call it “just hanging out”. He texts you randomly vaguely throughout the night and never carries on deep or meaningful convos. Typically will just playfully flirt with you and sweet talk you in hope of you know “just hanging out.” Or ask you the ever so original “whats up”. Definition of this guy in four words: Not worth your time.

Regardless of what the excuse for, it’s an excuse. Please beauty who is reading this, do not give your time to someone who puts in minimal effort and thinks he can get away with it by “sweet talking”. Time and time throughout the years has this happened. It has happened to me, my friends, and am pretty sure to most girls on this planet(unfortunately). But please, Beware of the smooth talking, excuse giving “gentlemen” who talks his way in making you feel like he is worthy of your time. Truth is, he is not.

Ladies and gentlemen time is of the essence. It is someting that goes too fast and you can not get back. Experiences only help you grow as a person no matter if good or bad, but if you can avoid wasting your time, please do. It does not matter how much you may like a person, your emotional and mental well being should always come first. There is a special person for everyone. Never loose hope finding your one. Knowing who and who not is worth your time will help the process of the correct person in your life. I am not saying the “perfect” person. I am talking about the perfect person for you. You are worth more than a 10 second text or false hopes. Please, never forget your worth. Whether you have encountered one of these kinds of people or your own version of someone who is not worth your time, do not loose hope. The right one will come (or maybe already has) in due time.

For the girls currently talking to someone biggest question to ask yourself to figure out if that person is right for you, does put in the time? The right person for you will MAKE time, Not excuses.

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Part 2 

So a quick recap on part 1 of 3 on my journey of self discovery in becoming a non-meat eater. In a nutshell, I watched a video, it enlightened me on the cruelty in the meat industry, so just like that I became a vegetarian. 
Taking that step and becoming a vegetarian truly made me feel better inside and out. I feel like I was truly getting to know my essence and it led me a step closer to who I truly was(am). 

One thing I didn’t mention in part 1, is that prior to watching the video I actually had done a High school book report on the book Fast Food Nation. It basically talks about the horrors behind the meat industry, not just with animals but also with the workers. Many of them have no voice and don’t speak up against injustices that may occur to them. I’m not saying every company in the meat industry is the same, however, there are unheard injustices out there. I always had that book on the back of my mind, watching that video was the cherry on top that made me no longer desire eating meat. 

I turned vegetarian the summer after higschool in 2013. It felt as if  the years flew by! Before I knew it I had been vegetarian for two years!!! Guys I felt proud knowing I gave up something I grew up thinking I needed every day. For the first time, I felt like my thoughts and actions were mine. Not those of anyone else. My family at first was shocked but after the first year(and definitely by year two) they actually started to wing off meat themselves. 

I became aware of sooooo many vegetarian options with a bunch of protein!! Such as soy, tofu, tofurkey, among many others. So yes I would substitute the protein meat has for protein in tofu and other products. I was vegetarian and LOVING it. Despite some people’s  thoughts on vegetarianism I never let them get to me because my reasons for being so were stronger than any remarks. 

Ok so I had been vegetarian for two years, one day as I was sitting in the sauna after an amazing workout I started thinking. I thought about life, my eating habits and felt I was ready for something more. I had never thought I had the will and could actually be vegan. I tried veganism once a few months after becoming a vegetarian and failed miserably(mainly because of my addiction to cheese). But that day in the sauna I was ready. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough for the animals. So after thought and research on my mobile, it was that day in the sauna that I made another life changing decision. I chose to be vegan. This time I knew I was ready. 

So I go home and inform my family of another life changing decision. This time they were abbot less shocked but still thought I wouldn’t be able to quit cheese since they knew my serious addiction to cheese(since I was a little girl). I felt it in my heart however that being vegan was the right choice for me. 

Veganism was different but I was ready for it. I quit eating dairy products and anything animal related. I did what I thought I was not able to do and gave up another thing I love(cheese). 

(To be continued) 
P.S. The cheese obsession was real. Thanks for reading part 2/3. Part 3 coming next week❤️

My transition from Meat Eater to Vegetarian(Part 1)

Hey guys, hope you are all having an amazing week so far. It’s been a crazy/emotional week for me. Many changes in my life so soon! Super excited though! Overall learning to see the beauty in everything!#blessed. Always keep evolving❤️

img_3042.jpgOk loves so for the next few minutes, please grab your favorite Starbucks drink(or boba) sit down and get ready for a twirly ride of self-discovery and restriction.

This is a three part story of how and why I turned.

Before I start to get into details of my transition, you should all know I come from a Mexican family. I grew up eating meat all day every day. Till this day every time I visit they find it so strange that I don’t eat meat.

Ok, so it all started about 4 years ago. I was browsing through good old Facebook and came across a video. I still remember as if it were yesterday, it was called, I believe,”Why Jenna Marbles keeps meat off her plate.” So I click and a video that was about 30 minutes long comes up. I start watching it, not truly knowing what it was going to be about. So these filmmakers made a short film on the cruelty in the meat industry. Honestly one of the SADDEST videos I’ve ever watched( just thinking about it gets me teary eyed).

So within a brief moment (after I was done balling), I decided to just quit cold turkey. I never realized how bad these animals have it. These living souls were just being killed. To me, it didn’t (still doesn’t) make sense. So the choice was not hard at all. I quit meat. I honestly don’t remember feeling better. I personally just loved it.

My family was super shocked. Not going to lie most didn’t think I would last. I truly believe meat and I, we’re just not meant to be. I can’t stand knowing that people can just kill animals and mistreat them. To me turning vegetarian was standing up to the industry and just showing my personal conviction. I didn’t(still don’t) condone that. So the next days, month, years flew by. I was basing my diet meatless and loving it!!

Needless to say my first trip to Mexico as a vegetarian was quite entertaining. Conversations varied from, ” Omg you can die” to “what in the world do you eat”. I love my family but they literally interviewed me on how the heck I was surviving as a vegetarian( yup, pretty hard core meat eaters). Safe to say I was the first vegetarian in my family (but not the only one anymore!).

Honestly becoming vegetarian was the best decision I had made at that point in regards to my health. It also made me realize I had a more caring heart than I thought I did. Truly got to know more of who I truly was when I turned. Eating meat was what I grew up with, but for the first time, I made a life-changing decision for myself. That was the beginning point of my endless self discovery process. The start of me getting to truly know who I was.

( To be Continued)

Thanks for reading part 1 of 3. At the end of this I’ll be sharing another life changing decision! I Love you guys❤️Thanks for supporting and getting your read on my site!

For the Girl on a budget: Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

Hey girl, fathers day is just around the corner and you’re on a budget? No problem(Ryan Gosling voice). I have compiled a list of simple yet meaningful gift ideas for any dad. Because most dads deserve to be pampered. Even though I am a sole believer that days should not be classified as a particular thing (because why can’t it be fathers day or mothers day any day of the year ?), your dad still deserves to be pampered like every other dad in the U.S. will be.

Ok so here they are:

  1. A homecooked meal. Stay away from mainstrdadblogposteam restaurants. Unless your dad is a lover of a certain popular chain (if so I am sorry to say you may possibly experience a very long wait), home cooked meals are the way to go. You do not only save money but also time. What is your dads favorite dish? Dessert?  Cook(or bake) up something good and show your dad how much you appreciate him. This is always a great alternative to an expensive day or morning eating out. You save money and practice your cooking skills all the while showing your dad how much you appreciate/love him. Check.

2. A Wallet. A wallet is definitely one of my favorite gifts to give because there are so many good ones to choose from. Online you can find gorgeous ones ranging from 25-125.00. The priciest ones could definitely take a toll on your wallet but siblings do the trick. Gather up your sister,

dadwalletbrothers, or both and pitch in for a grand wallet for dad(if applicable). If you are an only child or just rather not you can always shop at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. You will find designer brands there and not break your budget. If you feel like a wallet is not enough you can always pair them with home baked pastries to add that extra step.


A personalized coffee mug alongside a giftcard to his favorite coffee shopdadcoffee
. The site 4imprint offers many different options to customize your choice of mug. Think outside the box for this one. Does your dad own a business? What symbolizes alot to your dad? His favorite sports team alongside his name? This is definitely very meaningful. If you hurry and order it now(like today) chances are you will get it on time. You can also follow this notion and order him a customized baseball tee, shirt, etc.

4.A Watch.  May sound like a cliche gift but it is also an easy on the wallet route and most of the time effective. You may want to group up with your siblings for this one. Macys has beautiful mens watches ranging from brands like Fossil to Diesel, Michael watches.jpgKors, etc. They typically start at about $100.00, but if you group up with your on a budget siblings the cost could come up way lower for each of you. Watches are such an easy way to go for dad because there are so many styles you can choose from. There is a style for every dad out there. What better to pair a nice outfit than with a nice watch!

Ok loves so there you have it. These are my top go to gift ideas for the girls who are on a budget and the procrastinators (or both). Above all spend your day with your dad and let him know how much you appreciate him!! Of course these are just my go to gift ideas! If you have any of your gift ideas I would love to hear them!

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Thanks for tuning in,

Karla Jocellyn 

Current Style Icons


Fashion is truly what you make of it and must always reflect your style. Growing up I would literally throw ANYTHING and call it a day. Once I hit high school I actually started caring. (Tomboy from 95-09). Of course I started getting into fashion and just developing my own style. My sisters were definitely a huge influence and still are till this day.

Image result for chiara ferragni

I want to say my favorite bloggers/ style icons are Rumi Neely and Kylie Jenner. I love the elegance yet simplicity Rumi Neely portrays with her fashion. Safe to say I am obsessed with the way she dresses. She wears a lot of no design tees and shorts, along with silky short dresses and booties. Compared to other bloggers she’s not huge on accessories which is more so why I love her style. For those of you who do not know, I am not a big fan of accessories. Since I can remember earrings/rings have grossed me out. Don’t ask why, they just do! Rumi Neely style is just simple but chic/elegant. She combines my three favorite   elements of fashion.


My next fashion icon is Kylie Jenner. I like how she just wears whatever she feels like wearing. Mostly I am in LOVE with her shoe choices. I am a huge fan of boots/booties so I just love how she pairs different outfits with different kinds of boots.

Another one of my style icons is Chiara Ferragani. I love how she is so natural and her style is a bit eccentric at times. I feel like everything she wears, even though a bit eccentric at times, always looks good because she just struts with confidence. Definitely part of her #fangirl club.

Emily Ratajkowski. I am absolutely in LOVE with her. I love her style, the fact that she is an activist and that she truly just does and posts what she feels like not caring what others will find cool/interesting. Her style is simple like Rumi Neelys yet she rocks it with confidence and I just love everything she wears. I am also a huge fan of how her makeup is done. She always goes for a barely there natural look.

Image result for emily ratajkowski

There are many other girls who I admire in the fashion industry, however, these are definitely my favorite ones and style inspirations (biggest one being Rumi Neely). I feel like all these girls have in common just owning who they are and confidence. That is definitely something I admire from them. Just love yourself and “whatever you wear, wear it with confidence.”

The main thing I feel these girls have in common that I admire most, is that they had a dream and did not let anything discourage them from pursuing it. Truly Bad ass women. Strive to be the best version of you, you can possibly be.

On those thoughts, have a beautiful thursday. Don’t let anything or anyone discourage you from becomng who you want to be at any given moment.

P.S. If anyone knows what colors Em Rata wears on her lips PLEASE comment them below.


Failing to Happy

So this is my first official blog post on something not related to fashion or food. I created this segment on my site because I feel I have sooo much to say and rather than seclude myself into a bubble of solely clothing or tastebuds, I wil be writing about random topics on a weekly basis. Definitely feel like I am finally settling down with my site and truly getting to know myself and what I do/ do not enjoy.

Ok well enough of the intro! Lets get to it.

So I am currently 21 years old. I am attending college and am majoring in marketing. Since I can remember I have always been a book nerd. I love school. At one point in my life, it felt as if getting good grades in school was what kept me going everyday. So yes, I am 100 percent a book loving nerd. I remember I never felt the urge to start dating(I was a huge tomboy junior high through sophomore year of high school).

So when I started college I met all different kind of guys. Some cool, some not so cool. As I went through meeting all these what I call (excuse my french) douche bags, it felt as if it was the never ending story of meeting the same kind of guys. So after giving it so much thought and just trying to connect the dots, I realized every story had one thing in common. ME.

Whether it was Bill or Joe(names not accurate) I finally came to the conclusion I was looking for happiness in a relationship. I was looking for someone other than myself to make me happy. So I was attracted to the smooth talkers and everytime something did not work out, I would be bummed but also realized there was something/someone better. What I was not realizing is that I had sooo much to work on (and still do) myself. Big red flag should have been me trying to find happiness with another person thinking that when I met the “one” I would be happy. Girls, that is never true.

I realize I am young (in some cultures more than others) but this stops becoming a question about when you will find the one and more of why you should stop looking for your other half and start making yourself happy. I have and keep on getting to truly know myself every single day.

So what I am trying to get at is in order to be happy, do not look anywhere else other than within you. You have all the tools you need to work on yourself and obtain the happiness you strive for. In my case it was going through failed relationships(or almost relationships) to realize that I was looking for happy in all the wrong places. The experiences I have gone through have made me thankful and I would seriously not have it any other way. Always remember everything happens for a reason. For those of you girls(or guys) out there who think you need someone or something to feel whole, you do not. You are enough. Trust me when I say this, you will not be able to be truly happy with anyone or in any situation if you do not work on yourself first.

Yes, this was definitely the valentines day article I never got to write. If anything just take this from it, whether it be in a relationship or in whatever it is you want to achieve in life, never stop working on yourself and striving to become the best you. I refuse to believe we live in a world where some people never experience genuine happiness. Something else would be to never settle and think that whatever thing that happened was not meant to happen. Everything happens for a reason. Always remember the people meant to be in your life will stay and those who are not will simply not. Never force, just let it be.

“If you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else” – Ru Paul

Much Love,

Karla Jocellyn