Tips to Finish Off the Semester Strong

Finish off the semester off strong with these two simple rules!

Are  you currently enrolled in college? Do you feel stressed out? Do you work full/part(but basically full)time?(Disclaimer: This is not about to be a sellng ad).

If you answered yes to any of the above we are on the same boat. Even if you did not and answered yes to at least one question, hang in there, this article is intended for you..

The semester is about half way through and I am stoked for the holidays!  I am currently enrolled taking 15 units of upper division courses, and for the first time do not feel like I need to binge on everything junk food related, pull all nighters to a’s exams, or have no social life to juggle good grades. It all comes down to the very complicated(not really) yet simple notion of managing time.

At the start of my college career I did a whole lot of procrastinating. Going through advanced courses in high school we were known as the Advanced Procrastinators. Unfortunately those tendencies passed on down to of course, college. My first semester I did not feel too over whelmed, but also did not do as well as I intended. I still procrastinated and did not manage my time well what so ever. So the gist of everything related to how well you do throughout your semester boils down to this simple concept, Time Management.

“Drink coffee they say, it will help you they say”

The truth about the above quote is that coffee will only wake you up momentarily. You will go through a cycle of adrenaline and an energy crash, eventually becoming addicted(adulting ring a bell?). Coffee, as delicious as it is, is only a temporary fix. I have tried everything from pulling all nighters, to sleeping too much. Result? All nighter(doesn’t matter how much coffee you drink) is not the answer. Sleepless nights, excessive coffee, and stress overload is not necessary as long as you manage your time wisely along with a healthy eating regime.

I currently have straight A’s and feel better than I have ever since I started college. Stressful nights, all nighters, excess coffee, under eyebags, and any other college related stress are non-existent due to time management and healthy eating.

Tip #1


Manage your time: Buy yourself a planner, plan out your day, your week if need be and think one step ahead every day. It is extremely helpful. One thing that helps me is knowing when each and every assignment is due. I write down all the due dates my syllabus has from the beginning of the month into my planner and plan out my days to come. Being one step ahead of the game is the point of time managing. Trust me, if you are currently experiencing anxiety, sleepless nights, or feel like you are going to just pass along your classes, time management is the key. Not coffee, not the hype of all nighters, but time management. That along with my next and vital tip.

Tip #2

Healthy, prepped meals. Veggies, protein, nuts, sugarlblueberries.jpgess yogurts, Kombucha, natural,organic, healthy food. Eating every 3-4 hours is not just good to obtain the body you want for summer 2018. It is vital in maintaing you up to par through out the day. You will notice your energy does not drop and will feel overall amazing. If you are like me and many other college students I know, preparing food may not be of your biggest concerns, however it is vital for your success in the semester. Your diet is what will keep you running and energized. Foods such as berries, yogurt, nuts all provide a natural source of energy and are a fulfilling snack. They can also be incoporated in some of your other foods to give you the boost you desire.

For those of you who are super man or woman, and are able to extremely procrastinate and still manage to do well on everything I seriously wish I had your brain. However, If you are like me, these tips will be vital. I know it is easy to just eat whatever you please due to the stress, but following these two simple tips, you will go a long way. Finish the semester off strong and do not let your end of the semester blues kick in. Remember, it is not over until it is over!

You got this!

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