Halloween Binge worthy movies

“I got a spell on you, and now you’re mine(Bette Midler’s voice)”

Halloween is fast approaching and there is seriously no other holiday like it. Endless amounts of candy, playing dressup, and parties. Does it get better than that? Of course!! The halloween classic movies that you can not go with out.

Halloween is definitely the holiday I could not wait for since I was a child. Every year we would go trick or treating and it was pure bliss(mainly because of all the chocolate i got to binge on). It was the one time of the year where I could eat as much candy as I wanted and my mom would allow me to(ok kind of as much as I wanted). Most importantly the dress up was my favorite part. I have been everything from tinkerbell to a butterfly with out wings(in my defense I was 9). Yup, there was a year where I forgot the most crucial part to my butterfly costume, wings. No worries I still managed to accumulate much candy only hearing the “what are you?” question from about every door  I knocked on. Either way Halloween has always been my favorite.

There is no true halloween without the Halloween Classic movies that are totally “girls night in”approved. There is seriously nothing compared to the cozy fall vibe of watching movies with your loved ones just snuggled under the sheets drinking some (insert your favorite holiday drink here).

So I have compiled a list of my favorite Halloween classics along with direct links to find them on this holiday season. Feel free to simply click when you can no longer resist the urge to watch your favorite classic.

Hocus Pocus-A Disney Halloween classic and one of my favorite movies of all. I never again saw salt the same after watching this movie(oh and cats). I watch this movie almost every Halloween and it honestly never gets old. There is always something new you may have not caught before to look for. Also did not realize how creepy Billy Butcherson and his story truly is until watching it as an adult(oh Disney).

Halloweentown -A trip to a spooky town, a loving wiccan Grandma, and a normal girl? Yes! Hands down another of my favorite movies overall. I can seriously watch this movie over and over and over and not get tired of it. It’s the perfect creepy but not horrifying Halloween movie.

Halloween –Ok, so things just took a turn for the darker, but Halloween has been a binge worthy movie for me since I can remember. You can start your Halloween movie binging early, because the Halloween movies will keep you busy for pretty much all October. There is something about Michael Myer’s fast walk that truly terrifies me. Not to mention the janitors suit he is wearing. Honestly does not get creepier than that. How he can be walking and one of his victims is running their hearts out yet he still manages to kill them is still mind blowing to me till this day.

IT.- I watched the new version and it was definitely creepy as heck. Unfortunately it will not be available for purchase this halloween, however, the old version is very much creepy. The original IT is pretty old school terrifying. Definitely a must watch on Halloween!

The Amityville Horror (2005) -Ok I lied when I said Halloween was as terrifying as it gets. This movie is. The fact that a diabolic spirit can make you kill your entire family is as terrifying as horror movies come. The scariest part(wait for it) it’s based on a true story. Yup, as horrifying as scary movies come.

Annabelle. -And as I am writing I realize my list gets creepier. I remember having my eyes covered for majority of this movie at the movie theatre(don’t worry I watched it again later). Another one based on a true story, Annabelle takes form in the most unimaginable yet extremely terrifying of ways, a doll. A Halloween month must watch.
The Nightmare Before Christmas-Skeletons and well, ya skeletons. How creepier can that get? Tim Burton has a mind for creepy. The first time I watched this I was about 13 years old and the first thought that came to my mind was “how the heck is this a kids movie and how?” I guess something about the walking dead just makes me terribly uneasy.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride-One can not simply forget about the extra creepy Tim Burton classic. Yet again the same thoughts of Wth am I watching came to my mind

Ok Ladies and Gents, there you have it. The spooktacular count of some of my favorite Halloween movies to binge.  Grab your pizza, sit back, relax and make sure its a weekend so you have enough time to adequately binge. I have provided direct links to purchase all these movies.  Simply click and you will be directed to Amazon. Watch away my pretties.

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