What you should be for Halloween Costume Guide

Halloween is here.....Ok well technically.

It is that time of year yet again, another halloween to mark the commencment of the holiYAY season. If you are like me(and most other Americans), Halloween falls as one of your favorite holidays. Even though no one gets the day off ( which we totally should), the joy of just being whoever you want for a day is extremely fascinating to really people of all ages.

Ok so lets get down to business. If you are like me, you probably do not have a halloween costume yet. But do not fear, I will guide you through some of the cutest costumes of the season. Best part, the prices! Honestly, who wants to spend a fortune on a costume they will most likely have to not wear again and resell on Poshmark? Definitely not me. Every year I am stuck in a limbo of, “I love this costume but it’s way too pricey.” If you are a baller on a budget like myself please refer to this article as your affordable halloween costume shopping guide 101.

Here ya go:

    1. A Mermaid . Channel your inner Princess Ariel. At the beach everyday and just well magically fabulous. Ironically mermaid outfits can be pricey but worry no more. After extensive online searching I found the most original, cutest looking mermaid costumes!! The best part( drumroll PLEASE..) the price. Amazon is dominating in the world of well, everything lately and costumes are no exception. This was my favorite one but look through thousands!! Click on the image for direct link.


2. Ok so I am a huge Game of Thrones fan. If you have been living under a rock for the

past 7 years or so you may not be, but if you are, KhaleesiI fall in love with really every garment her character wears on the show(who doesn’t want to be the mother of Dragons?). Once again, Amazon has the most original looking costumes for her. Walk in to your Halloween Party looking dressed up fabulous(and pretty bad ass). I only put together a couple of costumes I found (and fell in love with) at Amazon but trust me when I say there are many more!

I chose this look for a costume because it is one of my favorite looks. I love the different shades in this dress. However, there are so many other options. Simply click here to check out the endless amounts of awesome Khaleesi costumes.

Not great at makeup? I got you. Click here for a full blown makeup tutorial from one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Carli Bybel.

3. So playing on the Khaleesi vibe, kind of, Next one on the list is sexy and super affordable. An egyptian princess. Glam yourself out with this shimmery beauty of a dress. It is only $18!! So you will be spending a total of 30 for this look(prime members get free shipping.

**Click on image to go to direct link**

“You’re the one that I want,OOH OOH OOH.”

4. A SUPER hot seller right now, become what you have always secretly wanted to be, a PINK girl.

  • Ladies 1950s Pink Satin Grease Jacket With Neck Scarf T Bird Women Danny Halloween Costume Fancy Dress (2X-Large)

I love this because it makes Halloween costume hunting so much easier. You can literally put on jeans, converse, slick your hair back in a pony(do not forget to add your liner) and you are ready! It is the perfect halloween costume for the girl on the go who may not have as much time to get halloween ready. Act quick before they sell out!! You are literally one click away.


After extensively searching on Amazon, there you have it. My top four Halloween choices. Keep in mind there are so much more! With only about a week left Amazon Prime shipping makes it so easy for you to get your costumes in 2 days or less!! COLLEGE STUDENTS!! There is a special going on for Amazon Prime. DO NOT MISS OUT. I love my discounts and expedited shipping with this service.

Hope you lovelies racked up a cute costume and are ready for the spookiest night of the year!

                               “MUAHAHAHAHAHA(Witch Voice)”



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