Fall looks

Fuzzy Cardis in the Fall

Fuzzy meets metallic, in a minimally put fall look.

Here we are once again. Another fall, another year that just seems like it literally flew by. Of course, fall is my favorite season along with spring, because the weather is perfect. The marhsmallows roast, Pumpkin Spice is everywhere and I have an excuse to buy fall inpired Yankee Candle scents(which deserve a post of their own). During this time of year, school has already begun, if you are like me you are probably wondering how you keep your sanity at times(HINT:Pumpkin Spice). Anyways, fall is still my favorite season and I very much enjoy well, everything about it. I have already had one too many PSL Lattes and, do not get me started on the Pumpkin pastries. I am proud to say I have already tried all of the pumpkin pastries at Starbucks(ok not so proud) but they are so delicious. I can seriously talk about them all day but ill save them for a future post.

Any who, you are probably wondering why my hair is long in these picture, well(drum roll please) this is not a wig and these were taken last year. I never actually got the chance to share this look. These images have been in my queue for a year now and I obsess over the fuzziness everytime I see them. As you have probably already noticed, my style is proudly minimal. I have nothing against accessories but Ive just never been an accessory kind of girl. Minimal is my thang. Like I always emphasize, wear what you feel comfortable in because that is the only way you will truly rock your outfit. As for me, I was head over sock booties for thsi outfit.

I am wearing the warmest most comfortable, fuzzy cardi if you can call it that(disclaimer: not a pro at garment names). I paired it my favorite body suit and light washed basic jeans. To end the look I am simply wearing ASOS sock booties. These are actually super comfy but also I am truly in love with them.The heel is not thin, its chunky, and its metallic. Velvety feels meets metallica and I simply fell in love with them(thank you Marisol!!)

As for makeup I am in no means a pro so I will not get too lengthy but I just wore nude shadow and light shade of pink blush.

By far, the fuzzy cardi added the “je ne sais quoi” aesthetic to the look.

Overall please always wear what makes you feel comfortable! That will bring out the confidence in you and you will rock anything you wear! Confidence in yourself is the best wardrobe.

Thanks for tuning in this week and taking a look at my newly renovated site!!(oh and don’t forget to enter the giveaway)


Gossip…Just kidding.


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