Part 2/3 of my meatless journey.

So a quick recap on part 1 of 3 on my journey of self discovery in becoming a non-meat eater. In a nutshell, I watched a video, it enlightened me on the cruelty in the meat industry, so just like that I became a vegetarian.

Taking that step and becoming a vegetarian truly made me feel better inside and out. I feel like I was truly getting to know my essence and it led me a step closer to who I truly was(am).

One thing I didn’t mention in part 1, is that prior to watching the video I actually had done a High school book report on the book Fast Food Nation. It basically talks about the horrors behind the meat industry, not just with animals but also with the workers. Many of them have no voice and don’t speak up against injustices that may occur to them. I’m not saying every company in the meat industry is the same, however, there are unheard injustices out there. I always had that book on the back of my mind, watching that video was the cherry on top that made me no longer desire eating meat.

I turned vegetarian the summer after higschool in 2013. It felt as if  the years flew by! Before I knew it I had been vegetarian for two years!!! Guys I felt proud knowing I gave up something I grew up thinking I needed every day. For the first time, I felt like my thoughts and actions were mine. Not those of anyone else. My family at first was shocked but after the first year(and definitely by year two) they actually started to wing off meat themselves.

I became aware of sooooo many vegetarian options with a bunch of protein!! Such as soy, tofu, tofurkey, among many others. So yes I would substitute the protein meat has for protein in tofu and other products. I was vegetarian and LOVING it. Despite some people’s  thoughts on vegetarianism I never let them get to me because my reasons for being so were stronger than any remarks.

Ok so I had been vegetarian for two years, one day as I was sitting in the sauna after an amazing workout I started thinking. I thought about life, my eating habits and felt I was ready for something more. I had never thought I had the will and could actually be vegan. I tried veganism once a few months after becoming a vegetarian and failed miserably(mainly because of my addiction to cheese). But that day in the sauna I was ready. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough for the animals. So after thought and research on my mobile, it was that day in the sauna that I made another life changing decision. I chose to be vegan. This time I knew I was ready.

So I go home and inform my family of another life changing decision. This time they were abbot less shocked but still thought I wouldn’t be able to quit cheese since they knew my serious addiction to cheese(since I was a little girl). I felt it in my heart however that being vegan was the right choice for me.

Veganism was different but I was ready for it. I quit eating dairy products and anything animal related. I did what I thought I was not able to do and gave up another thing I love(cheese).

(To be continued)
P.S. The cheese obsession was real. Thanks for reading part 2/3. Part 3 coming next weekโค๏ธ


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