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Summer Beach Day Essentials

Got Beach?

Ok so let me start off by saying that I LOVE the beach. Not always fond of the slime feeling of algae on my feet, but I just love the beach. The feeling of oneness with mother nature as the waves crash upon the shoreline, thats beauty. The feeling of the soft sand between my toes and the cold of the waves crashing against my feet, pure bliss. Or just sitting there quietly, admiring the beauty God provides through mother nature. That is life. That is happiness. Going to the beach is the perfect getaway this summer, especially if you want to get away from the city and just relax. I definitely recommend, of course, not going to a main stream beach or one long enough to extend along the coast line. Pescadero beach was the perfect getaway this weekend.

It is located about 30 minutes from Half Moon Bay in Northern California. Trust me when I say it is so worth the drive.

It took us a total of about six hours to get to Pescadero, after getting lost numerous times, and driving through extremely narrow roads, we made it safe. Seriously getting lost through the nicest yet creepiest foresty looking narrow road was the prettiest but most terrifying experience of my life. Thanks Siri. We managed to laugh the entire time even though my cousin and I were pretty terrified(at least I was). Anyways, after what seemed like an eternal drive we finally arrived!

I went beach essential shopping prior to the trip(and my previous ones) and compiled some of my Beach essentials this Summer 2017. Ok so lets get to it

  1. A circular towelIMG_2906
  •  This is not only a towel, its a round one. They are so comfortable and cute! I was able to comfortably sit and eat my snacks as I watched the waves.


  • Make sure you make your quick Target( or wherever there is food really) and pick up some snacks. You will definitely thank me later(Hanger is proven folks).

3. Camera

  • Whether it be your Phone, a polaroid, or any other camera, make sure to take one. Captivating natures beauty is a surreal experience(Plus you can feel like a pro). Also, you will probably want to take some cute beach pictures! There are so many poses to choose from.

4. Sunscreen

  • Sounds like a given but please don’t forget it. Learn from my mistake. (Refer to my uneven tan pics).

5. Kombucha?IMG_2735

  • This is definitely a personal prefernce since I have been kind of coocoo for Kombucha lately. But why not?

6. Bronzer/Victoria Secret Tanning Lotion

  • Give yourself that beachy glow because why not? You are at the beach! Embrace your bronzey beauty. The Victoria secret Tan lotion gives me a nice glowy finish. Definitely a must buy!

7. Inflatable cup holder

  • Definitely not a necessity, but does come in handy. You can literally take any drink and comfortably just place it in your crab or unicorn or whatever you may choose(Purchased mine from Cotton on).

8. Extra Set of Clothes

  • Whether you are just strolling or full in go in to the ocean, always make sure you have spare clothes. You will thank yourself later.

9. Swimsuit/Shorts

  • I found the cutest shorts plus swim gear at Cotton On!!! Best part was the price! I just felt so comfortable with the outfit I chose. Above all, make sure you always feel comfortable in what you wear.



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