An end to..

Because I am...

Being vegan started off easier since I had already been vegetarian for two years. I quit cold turkey and just stopped eating everything with dairy(including cheese). Of course now my family thought I was even weirder.

I remember every trip to Mexico I would hear, ” you’re crazy” or “what are you going to eat now?” or “how do you survive. My personal favorite was, “if you’re vegan, how do you still have meat on your bones?”. See thats the misconception people have about veganism. Yes, there are vegans who are extremely thin(and majority of the times healthy) but there are also body building vegans, and even a vegan in the NFL(one that I know of, please enlighten me if there is more). Anyways, being vegan is challenging but has its rewards. You become more energized, better. Spiritually, my goodness is it awesome. Knowing that in no way, shape or form am I contributing to unnecessary pain feels amazing.

Hands down my favorite protein source was tofu and vegan kielbasa. However, I stopped eating it for health reasons. After researching how soy is made I deemed it not so healthy. Its not natural and contributes to breast cancer, therefore I cut soy completely out of my diet. After cutting out soy, I pretty much cut out a big protein source. I started feeling weak and honestly hangry most of the time.

I am a pretty busy person, so I never had the time to dedicate to full on vegan cooking. Honestly to you ladies and gents out there who make amazing vegan meals/pastries I have so much respect for you! Seriously takes time and talent for cooking/baking. Also takes patience!!

Ok so if you have not guessed it yet after two years of being vegan, I have decided to go back to vegetarianism. I turned almost a month ago. Honestly guys, I am the kind of person who does things when it feels right and is not afraid to stop when it no longer does not. So with that being said, I am now a vegetarian again. I do not see myself eating meat in the near by future, and I now stick to organic dairy products as well as cage free/humane eggs.

Honestly feel like I finally found my balance with my diet and it feels awesome! I love animals and still don’t condone the cruelty so I stick to my local organic stores to buy the  products. I have not drank milk yet, honestly not up for it. I have stuck to almond milk simply because I’m just so used to it and genuinely don’t crave milk from Cows. I guess you can say I am a vegetarian with some vegan habits.

The transition was fairly smooth. At first I felt a little distraught because it had been quite the while since I had animal products but am now more accustomed. Being vegan taught me so much about myself. I never thought my will was that strong. Being aroung nonvegan food every single day and passing it up made me realize alot about myself. It also taught me how misinformed some people are on the lifestyle. I saw really pushy vegans, and not pushy vegans. Personally, I believe everyone has their own conviction. At the end of the day, whatever you do, do it beacause YOU want it that way. Living your life trying to please others or live up to their expectations will not bring you the peace your soul deserves.

I definitely learned self restraint and that many people did not agree with the lifestyle I chose. They just did not understand it. Most importantly I learned how to start making my own choices concording to my beliefs despite how weird or unfeasible some people thought it was. Just do what makes you happy!

Thanks for reading on my journey to a healthier life style. Truly appreciate the support I recieved on this saga!

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