Trousers Summer Loving

Let me start off by saying it has been super hot!! I feel like even in the AC I am still burning up. Wearing these trousers today helped me keep my cool and sanity.

So I wore this look to work. I love being comfortable at work well because who doesn’t? We have a closed toed shoe policy so at times it can be a bit challenging. Many times I just want to wear sandals because they go better with certain things. However, this was definitely not one of those moments. I’ve been in love with flowy things lately and these trousers were not the exception.

Yes I am short but OMG I just love the way they look and how comfy they are. They can make you feel chic yet as if you were wearing cool sweatpants.

I paired the trousers with my fringe loving long tee from my favorite store. They always say you always want what you can not have and I must say, I 100% agree. Bershka is my favorite store and has been since one of my trips to beloved Mexico where I stumbled upon it. From their jeans to their tees, they just have the cutest, chicness filled garments. Unfortunately for me(and everyone in the U.S.) there is no international shipping to the U.S. I am definitely waiting for the day where they decide to show us some love and change their shipping policies.

Ok so back to the tee, I love this tee. Its so comfortable and chic. The fringe makes it go from plain to boho fabulous. I am wearing all white sneakers to complement this look. I love how the striped pattern flows with the fringe on the tee. I ended it nice and smooth with a touch of white.

I am wearing a quilted pattern mini backpack from ASOS. I love the jean fabric it is made of. I became obsessed with it even more when I saw the chained wrap around style the bag has going for it. Of course it is also so easy to keep everything in a comfy backpack for afternoon rendue-vues.

Thanks for tuning in loves. Until next post. Mean while make sure to follow my daily adventures on insta!




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