Is he worth my time?

Hey beauties. It is currently super late and I am super tired but I literally can not sleep so why not write about stuff that actually matters?

So you probably have an idea of what this post will be about due to the title, and if you do not brace yourself for some real talk and girl advice.

I am currently not in a relationship and am a sole believer in finding true love. Finding the right person for you. The person who will not judge nor criticize who you are but embrace you. Also the person who will most importantly put in the TIME they may or may not have to flourish the relationship. Too many times have I encountered beautiful girls who date guys who put in no effort what so ever. Yet excuses are always made as to why he “doesn’t have time to reply” or “didn’t invite me on an actual date”, among many other sad but used excuses.

There are many versions of guys who are just not worth your time. I believe we have all encountered those guys that are( according to us) “too busy” or “maybe he lost his phone so he hasn’t text me all week” and my personal favorite “maybe he never received my text”. Harsh truth is, if a guy doesn’t reply to you, or put in the time to text you, or puts minimal time in “getting to know you”, he just doesn’t deserve your time/attention.

So lets dive in:

Ok so you really like a guy. He seems like he could be “the one”. He texts you the sweetest things and makes you feel like a princess. Sound familiar? But this guy also does not text you first and when he does the convo is not so interesting. Yet your still with the picture in your head that he could be it so you give him a try. This guy is also the one who does not ask you on a date but texts you spontaneously asking you “what are you up to?”. Yet he has not asked you out ahead of time or bothered to make plans with you. Yet for some reason you keep going with the excuse in your head that he likes you he’s just “too busy” or “maybe his phone caught on fire” or any other crazy yet possible excuse you can think of.

There is also that guy who is not so typical. He is not quite your type but is just so nice. You start getting to know him and truly like his personality. He starts off texting you but slowly diminishes his ways. You fnd yourself making excuses to text him and giving him excuses as he why just does not have time to invite you on a date or text you. On why he doesnt go through with those future plans. Being brutally honest here you tell yourself he is not your type, yet start wondering as to why he has not acted up to how you would have expected him too? Truth me ladies(from past experience), do not make excuses for the “nice” guy. Back to the same concept, if he does not put in the time he does not deserve your time! Also, most important lesson I have learned throughout the years, do not date or talk to someone if you are not 100 percent sure about it. If there is any doubt in your mind, then that person is most likely not the one. Always make sure to be sure.

So last kind of guy for the night, is the one who is looking for nothing more than a “good time.” This guy only texts you, NEVER asks you on a date( at least does not call it that) typically will call it “just hanging out”. He texts you randomly vaguely throughout the night and never carries on deep or meaningful convos. Typically will just playfully flirt with you and sweet talk you in hope of you know “just hanging out.” Or ask you the ever so original “whats up”. Definition of this guy in four words: Not worth your time.

Regardless of what the excuse for, it’s an excuse. Please beauty who is reading this, do not give your time to someone who puts in minimal effort and thinks he can get away with it by “sweet talking”. Time and time throughout the years has this happened. It has happened to me, my friends, and am pretty sure to most girls on this planet(unfortunately). But please, Beware of the smooth talking, excuse giving “gentlemen” who talks his way in making you feel like he is worthy of your time. Truth is, he is not.

Ladies and gentlemen time is of the essence. It is someting that goes too fast and you can not get back. Experiences only help you grow as a person no matter if good or bad, but if you can avoid wasting your time, please do. It does not matter how much you may like a person, your emotional and mental well being should always come first. There is a special person for everyone. Never loose hope finding your one. Knowing who and who not is worth your time will help the process of the correct person in your life. I am not saying the “perfect” person. I am talking about the perfect person for you. You are worth more than a 10 second text or false hopes. Please, never forget your worth. Whether you have encountered one of these kinds of people or your own version of someone who is not worth your time, do not loose hope. The right one will come (or maybe already has) in due time.

For the girls currently talking to someone biggest question to ask yourself to figure out if that person is right for you, does put in the time? The right person for you will MAKE time, Not excuses.

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