My transition from Meat Eater to Vegetarian(Part 1)

Hey guys, hope you are all having an amazing week so far. It’s been a crazy/emotional week for me. Many changes in my life so soon! Super excited though! Overall learning to see the beauty in everything!#blessed. Always keep evolving❤️

img_3042.jpgOk loves so for the next few minutes, please grab your favorite Starbucks drink(or boba) sit down and get ready for a twirly ride of self-discovery and restriction.

This is a three part story of how and why I turned.

Before I start to get into details of my transition, you should all know I come from a Mexican family. I grew up eating meat all day every day. Till this day every time I visit they find it so strange that I don’t eat meat.

Ok, so it all started about 4 years ago. I was browsing through good old Facebook and came across a video. I still remember as if it were yesterday, it was called, I believe,”Why Jenna Marbles keeps meat off her plate.” So I click and a video that was about 30 minutes long comes up. I start watching it, not truly knowing what it was going to be about. So these filmmakers made a short film on the cruelty in the meat industry. Honestly one of the SADDEST videos I’ve ever watched( just thinking about it gets me teary eyed).

So within a brief moment (after I was done balling), I decided to just quit cold turkey. I never realized how bad these animals have it. These living souls were just being killed. To me, it didn’t (still doesn’t) make sense. So the choice was not hard at all. I quit meat. I honestly don’t remember feeling better. I personally just loved it.

My family was super shocked. Not going to lie most didn’t think I would last. I truly believe meat and I, we’re just not meant to be. I can’t stand knowing that people can just kill animals and mistreat them. To me turning vegetarian was standing up to the industry and just showing my personal conviction. I didn’t(still don’t) condone that. So the next days, month, years flew by. I was basing my diet meatless and loving it!!

Needless to say my first trip to Mexico as a vegetarian was quite entertaining. Conversations varied from, ” Omg you can die” to “what in the world do you eat”. I love my family but they literally interviewed me on how the heck I was surviving as a vegetarian( yup, pretty hard core meat eaters). Safe to say I was the first vegetarian in my family (but not the only one anymore!).

Honestly becoming vegetarian was the best decision I had made at that point in regards to my health. It also made me realize I had a more caring heart than I thought I did. Truly got to know more of who I truly was when I turned. Eating meat was what I grew up with, but for the first time, I made a life-changing decision for myself. That was the beginning point of my endless self discovery process. The start of me getting to truly know who I was.

( To be Continued)

Thanks for reading part 1 of 3. At the end of this I’ll be sharing another life changing decision! I Love you guys❤️Thanks for supporting and getting your read on my site!


3 thoughts on “My transition from Meat Eater to Vegetarian(Part 1)

  1. I was vegetarian for over a year, I then met my boyfriend who is like your family – Eats meat almost ever day! I struggled so reluctently gave in! I always try and avoid it when I can, as I just dont feel comfortable eating meant?! I look forward to reading your second one of the series!xo


    1. I totally understand you! Sometimes circumstances make it more difficult, It was definitely a bit difficult for me too since my family eats meat everyday, but I eventually got used to it as time went by. 👍🏽❤️Thank you for reading!! The next part will be up soon!☺️

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