Yellow and Blue shades

From the sunny shades to the sunflowers, despite the hot weather, I’m in love with summer❤️ I know it has been 100+ degrees but I am starting to love being able to wear shorts on a daily(they’ve been part of my almost everyday wardrobe). It’s so crazy because I’m getting so used to the heat that 90 degrees feels fresh to me all of a sudden. 

So weekends are pretty much amazing. Even though this past weekend I feel like I barely got sleep because I was on the go, I definitely enjoyed it. Saturdays call for dressing up and day trips. I just love exploring and finding cool little places to shoot📸. Of course Coffee is a must! 

I literally spent the entire weekend studying for my google exam. Getting certified is definitely not as easy as I thought but totally exciting! I guess you can say I’m a little obsessed with google now. Anyways I decided to glam up and GET OUT! My absolute favorite part of the weekends are Day trips! My best friend and I went looking for a cool spot to shoot and we stumbled upon a desert area(kind of, not really). It was filled with sunflowers. The sun just bounced off the weeds and flowers. It created an overall golden vibe. True bliss. (If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m a sucker for nature). Definitely a good weekend. 

This outfit was directly from Cotton On. There is seriously sooo many cute things in that store. Above all I’m in love with the prices.👍🏽 The shorts were just so comfortable and easy to wear. I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable at all in this outfit(even though I had almost trip incidents). 

So yes. Those shoes are kind of trippy to walk in at times. I want to say I almost fell like a good 4 times in them( thank god for my soul sista for helping me!). 

I felt golden in this outfit and just with all around good vibes. I hope you beauties enjoyed the outfit!! Stay golden and never give up on your day dream. 

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“Fashion is something that comes from within you” – Ralph Lauren

More info on the look below:

Top and shorts: Cotton On

Shoes: Floggs from MJM

Choker: ASOS

Purse: ASOS


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