Cafe Perron

I left my heart at Mechicano with #selfrida.

_DSC7168_DSC7171_DSC7137 (1)_DSC7166_DSC7165_DSC7129_DSC7167_DSC7103_DSC7107

It was a hot HOT( trust me when I say this) HOT day in Culiacan, Mexico. I was stranded (ok not really) but quite lost all while looking for this GORGEOUS coffee shop. It has been one year but seriously feels like it was just yesterday that I was lost with my fam in search of Mechicano, the coffee shop I heard so much about(ok and was kind of obsessed with for a while).

I want to say we got lost for a good 15 minutes before finding this place. I was hangry(happens often) and hot but super determined to find the place! Yup, definitely a coffee addict. Dowtown Culiacan is seriously so gorgeous so the walk was not too bad. The streets are just so picture perfectly cute. Humidity, not so cute though, especially with a face full of makeup. Anyways, I want to say a good 15-20 minutes of searching later we arrived. FINALLY.

From the moment I walked in I fell in love with the place. It was so adroable. I immediately fell in love with the art and the setup. As you can see from the pictures it is full of art. It just felt so homie, like I just wanted to take my laptop, sip my iced coffee(because I don’t do hot) and stay there for Days. Of course that did not happen but I ended up going everyday for the next week. I guess you can say I went a little overboard. It reminded me of preservation coffee house. For those of you who are local and have gone to it. It had those feels. Young talents art, coffee, books, and just filled with coffee enthusiasts.

I was wearing all white because Culiacan is too hot!!! My uniform the entire two weeks we stayed there were onesies and shorts, or anything/ shorts.

From the blue walls to the coffee, I fell in love with this place. Of course #selfrida was my favorite art piece!! I seriously can not wait to go back to my beloved Culiacan to go to this coffee shop!! Hands down my fav. The best part about it, is that part of the proceeds went back into helping the city. Those are my favorite kind of places. The ones that just give back!ย _DSC7102

So to wrap this up, #cafeperron really was!! I left my heart at Mechicano.

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