Current Style Icons

Warning, major #fangirling.


Fashion is truly what you make of it and must always reflect your style. Growing up I would literally throw ANYTHING and call it a day. Once I hit high school I actually started caring. (Tomboy from 95-09). Of course I started getting into fashion and just developing my own style. My sisters were definitely a huge influence and still are till this day.

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I want to say my favorite bloggers/ style icons are Rumi Neely and Kylie Jenner. I love the elegance yet simplicity Rumi Neely portrays with her fashion. Safe to say I am obsessed with the way she dresses. She wears a lot of no design tees and shorts, along with silky short dresses and booties. Compared to other bloggers she’s not huge on accessories which is more so why I love her style. For those of you who do not know, I am not a big fan of accessories. Since I can remember earrings/rings have grossed me out. Don’t ask why, they just do! Rumi Neely style is just simple but chic/elegant. She combines my three favorite   elements of fashion.


My next fashion icon is Kylie Jenner. I like how she just wears whatever she feels like wearing. Mostly I am in LOVE with her shoe choices. I am a huge fan of boots/booties so I just love how she pairs different outfits with different kinds of boots.

Another one of my style icons is Chiara Ferragani. I love how she is so natural and her style is a bit eccentric at times. I feel like everything she wears, even though a bit eccentric at times, always looks good because she just struts with confidence. Definitely part of her #fangirl club.

Emily Ratajkowski. I am absolutely in LOVE with her. I love her style, the fact that she is an activist and that she truly just does and posts what she feels like not caring what others will find cool/interesting. Her style is simple like Rumi Neelys yet she rocks it with confidence and I just love everything she wears. I am also a huge fan of how her makeup is done. She always goes for a barely there natural look.

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There are many other girls who I admire in the fashion industry, however, these are definitely my favorite ones and style inspirations (biggest one being Rumi Neely). I feel like all these girls have in common just owning who they are and confidence. That is definitely something I admire from them. Just love yourself and “whatever you wear, wear it with confidence.”

The main thing I feel these girls have in common that I admire most, is that they had a dream and did not let anything discourage them from pursuing it. Truly Bad ass women. Strive to be the best version of you, you can possibly be.

On those thoughts, have a beautiful thursday. Don’t let anything or anyone discourage you from becomng who you want to be at any given moment.

P.S. If anyone knows what colors Em Rata wears on her lips PLEASE comment them below.



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