looks Spring

Coachella Part Deux.

Fringe Meets Denim.

So Here is Part 2 of Coachella inspired looks special! I was debating on what outfit to wear. I wanted something with fringe and was torn between a few things in my closet but in the end I finally made up my mind and put this look together. As you may have already seen my denim jacket and know this I am completely in love with it! The best part about it is (of course I am a bargain shopper) this jacket only cost me $20!!! Anyways just thought I would share that with you. More details on the jacket further into this.
I decided to pair denim on denim with fringe just because I feel like it calls for the ultimate Boho Vibe. Coachella is a pretty groovy , Rad place to go to. Denim on denim and fringe is exactly what comes to my mind when I think about it. I incorporated the nude colors of the booties with my look to further give it the desert boho vibe. (Disclaimer: those style of shoes are perfect for this kind of all day (and night)) event because they are super comfortable and feel all around comfortable to walk in).

The distressed Levis added an even more boho feel to the look. I love how the shorts add an even more boho feel to the look. The shorts complement the fringe of the purse and the top.

Ok so the top is hands down my favorite part of the look. It is sexy but chic/bohemian all at the same time. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! I got this top at Express. I was originally going to wear it on my 21st birthday but ended up not. If you have not noticed already I love Express. There clothes are beautiful and they have a great sales section!!! (If gone at the right times of the year, you can find amazing deals!)

The denim jacket with the word LOVE on the back was my favorite part of the look. I feel like now a days we need a lot more of that! Despite everything that is happening in the world always make sure to tell the ones you love you in fact LOVE them. Love is powerful! Spread the message, Spread the LOVE!

Ok so anyways back to the jacket, I paired this with the look( It was the cherry on top of the icecream). I just loved how it looked and complemented the look!!! The shoes and the denim jacket were great complement to each other.

So to finish off the look I added a head band and a fringe purse along with a bude bow choker from @asos. These were the best boho accessories I had in my closet. They are also all in the brown tones so they give the outfit that lively, desert vibe!!

Finally, I did my makeup in the brown shades because, very neutral, earthy. As you can tell I did a bit of smokey eye and topped it odd with nude-pink lips.
And that completes the look loves!!! Thanks for tuning in this week. Part 3 and 4 of Coachella next week! Meanwhile…I have put together an @topshop Coachella inspired look!! Check it out ( On my sidebar).

Until next week !! (Get to know me?) I would love to see you on my instagram @karlajocellyn (Link to your right).

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*Photography by Cecily Arreguin*


Karla Jocellyn




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