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All Laced up for Coachella

From lacy to straps. This look has it all.


Festival Season is less than 3 weeks away and even though I am not going this year, I stil OBSSESS over the fashion. I would not mind if the Coachella fashion was all year round! Sooo in honor of Coachella, this weeks theme if you have not guessed it yet) is COACHELLA insiprational styles.

So to kick off the countdown to Coachella, I started with a simple but sexy look. I Paired up my corset top from Express with high waisted denim shorts and a lacey long cardigan. I paired it with black gladiator sandals also from express to finish up the look. This look honestly made me feel super comfortable! Also, wearing comfy shoes to Coachella is a MUST. The more comfortable you are the more you can enjoy the company of friends, music , food, and of course endless dancing to some of the best songs.

I paired this look with a black fringe purse to give it more of the boho edge to it. The sombrero was the finishing touch to the sexy bohemian feel of the outfit.


For makeup I decided to do a golden tone to it. Pink lips were the perfect fit because it gave the golden / brown tones of shadow a more subtle feel. It gave it that funner urbany coachella vibe which is what I aim for.

I had alot of fun putting this look together. Like I love to emphasize, the best outfit you can wear is confidence. So whether it be Coachella or just in general, Always make sure to wear it with confidence. As long as YOU feel comfortable in your attire, you should not care what others think. I have come to realize in life it is not what you wear but how you wear it. #strutwithconfidence#sisepuede.

Also, THANK YOU to all who have entered my giveaway so far! There is definitely many more to come, so if you do not win this time there will be much more opportunity. Thanks for tuning in guys! Stay tuned for part 2 of Coachella inspired outfits.

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Karla Jocellyn


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