Strawberry Coconut Delight 

A decadent blend of almonds, coconut, and strawberries for a purely healthy taste.

Wholesome, Nutrilicious ( If thats a word) and HEALTHY. The three words I would use to describe this recipe. I stumbed upon it when attempting to make Almond Milk ( which yes I failed miserably on) but thank Goodness I did because this has hands down become my favorite yogurt substitute. Its sweet due to the Coconut shreds but not too sweet, you can still taste the rawness to it. I prefer to add strawberry as the fruit of my choice but you can make this with anything you want!

You will need: 

1/2 Cup Almonds

2/3 Cup Coconut Milk

Shredded Coconut


Prep Time: 15 minutes

Ok so here is how you do it..

Leave the almonds soaking in water for at least 2 hours( the longer the better).

Once the Almonds Are ready pour them into a blender ( I used the Ninja Extractor). Pour the Coconut Milk after pouring in the almonds into the blender. Once they are both poured in there blend them together until you get a creamy ish consistency ( you will still have a rough texture, it will not get to full creaminess).

After the almonds along with the Coconut Milk are blended add the strawberries and a dash of shredded coconut. Once you have added the strawberries it will get you to the yogurty consistency wanted.

Last step: Oila, you are finished! Honestly super easy and no need to be a vegan chef or any thing to make! I am definitely no chef just a vegan looking for eating alternatives!

Let me know how you guys like the recipe!! Honestly, truly curious to know if it is enjoyed as much as I enjoy it!!

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