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Karjo Media focuses on you, the small business owner who has a million and five things to do. Advertising digitally (the cost efficient way) to increase customers is probably not on your daily to do list. We are here to help with the photography, to the social media management, to the ads you see all over google. A small investment goes along way in the age of social media! Still wondering whether Karjo Media services are for you? Have no fear, Karjo Media is here. Take the extremely short “is this for me” quiz. 

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H&M Oufit Pick

Part of the love your vibe tribe, the simplicity of the high waisted denim shorts complements the patterns of the graphic tee and the thick starry choker.

I am wearing: 

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: H&M

Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue

Choker: ASOS

Over the shoulder purse: Express

                                            ✨ “Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence.” 💕